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At SpinePlus Clinic Woodford we can provide you with Achilles Tendonitis  Treatment. What is Achilles Tendonitis?  Pain felt low down in the calf near the heel usually involves the Achilles Tendon. Overuse, perhaps from a sudden increase in training volume, can often results in inflammation of the tendon (Achilles Tendonitis) or its sheath (Achilles Paratendonitis). If the problem has been present for a long time wear and tear may have caused degradation and irregular healing of the tendon, known as “Achilles Tendonosis”. A palpation lump or swelling at the site of pain is often present and the pain can radiate into the heel itself or up into the calf muscle.

Successful Achilles Tendonitis  Treatment requires the right combination of massage, stretching and strengthening exercises can often aid resolution of the problem. If this fails to fix the problem that’s when people can look for additional help such as injections. However, the injections involving corticosteroids can risk causing rupture of the tendon, resulting in surgery and a very long rehab process.

Fortunately, at Spine Plus we have all the expertise and equipment required for the very best non-invasive treatment for Achilles Tendonitis problems. All our therapists offer expert remedial massage, trigger point therapy and exercise advise. Furthermore, we have invested in one of the latest treatment for tendonitis, Shock Wave Therapy. Shock Wave Therapy is outstanding for Achilles Tendonitis  Treatment, it uses powerful sound waves to break down adhesions and fibrosis within the tendon, stimulate circulation and promote healing.

We are the number one Osteopathy & Physiotherapy Treatment Clinics in Woodford, Chigwell, Essex & East London, having served the Chigwell area for over 15 years we must being doing something right. Our team are not only Fully Qualified Osteopaths but we also have fully qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, and Massage specialists. So by choosing Spineplus Clinic Woodford to provide you with treatment for Achilles Tendonitis, you will always be guaranteed of the very best care and treatment around.

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Why Spineplus Clinic Woodford?

We believe that from the outset the correct diagnosis of Achilles Tendonitis and its associated issues are key to treating anyone successfully, and without that we are only treating you with a best guess, instead of knowing the facts. And we believe that you can’t successfully treat anyone with only a best guess even if you are highly skilled professionals as we are!

To ensure you the best level of care for Achilles Tendonitis  Treatment we have a three step process for every patient, that includes the correct diagnosis of your particular issues & the pain you feel, then the correct form of treatment is decided upon, and then where necessary a rehabilitation plan is devised. This way we ensure you get the very best treatment for you and your Achilles Tendonitis symptoms, and the very best chances of recovery, leading to getting back to a normal life, as soon as possible.

So if you’re a Achilles Tendonitis suffer you have come to just the right place, as there is no need to suffer we will be able to help you!

At Spineplus Clinic Woodford for Achilles Tendonitis Treatment you can trust in us to Diagnose, Treat and Rehabilitate you with one of the best care teams in the UK.

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What Can We Treat?

At SpinePlus Woodford we can treat most Achilles related problems that will cause you pain & discomfort. The most common forms of problems we treat are:

  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Calf Muscle Strain
  • Herniated Disc
  • Prolapsed Disc
  • Muscle Strain
  • Sciatica
  • Sports Related Back Pain

How We Treat You?

Correct Diagnosis of your injury is the key to providing the best Achilles Tendonitis Treatment. All of our team are highly skilled, experienced and qualified to identify  your particular problem and you treatment plan is then decided upon.

  • Trigger Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Massage Therapy
  • Medical Acupuncture Therapy
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Shockwave Therapy


Where We Treat You?

Our Spine Plus Woodford Clinic has a Fully Equipped, Modern & Bright Treatment Room. We are also well situated & easy to find whatever you method of journey.

  • Two Treatment Rooms
  • Fully Equipped
  • Latest Therapy Equipment
  • Parking Available
  • Wheel Chair Accessible
  • Air Conditioned
  • Close To Underground Station
  • Close To Bus Stop

Who Will Treat You?

Correct Diagnosis of your injury is the key to providing the best Achilles Tendonitis Treatment. All of our team are highly skilled, experienced and qualified to identify  your particular problem and your treatment plan is then decided upon.

  • Fully Qualified Staff
  • Highly Experienced Staff
  • Specialist Treatment Staff
  • Spanish Speaking Staff
  • Fully Insured
  • Male & Female Staff
  • Multi Skilled Therapists
  • Friendly & Approachable Staff

Robert Shanks - Clinical Director - Spineplus-Clinic-WoodfordMark Conway - Physio - Spineplus-Clinic-Woodford
Juan Bedoya- Osteopath - Spineplus-Clinic-WoodfordSam Boland - Osteopath - Spineplus-Clinic-Woodford

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“The treatment I have received is second to none” Thanks SpinePlus Clinic, i’ll see you again very soon! 

Jermain Defoe
England Footballer

“Most sports massage therapists just go through the motions but theirs was the best sports massage I’ve ever had!.” 

Alton Thelwell
Leyton Orient Footballer

 “We would all like to thank SPINE PLUS for being part of our British Tour in 2012. Be great to have you on board in 2013.”

Aston Merrygold
Singer, JLS

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Spine Plus Clinic Woodford Achilles Tendonitis Treatment Fees

We believe in being open and transparent in our fee structure, so below is our current fee structure for Treatment For Achilles Tendonitis at Spineplus Clinic in Woodford. Please remember we do except private medical insurance, please see the list of our approved partners. Feel free to contact us to discuss private medical insurance providers.

Clinic Director


Initial Consultation
  • 60 Minute Consultation
  • Pre Treatment Assessment
  • Analysis of X-ray or MRI Images Included
  • Acupuncture Where Requested / Required at no Extra Cost
  • Specified Treatment Plan if Required
  • Post Treatment Review
  • Follow Up Treatment £62 (30 mins)
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Proud To Work With

SpinePlus Clinic Woodford believe that strong industry partnerships can only benefit our patients that are looking for Spinal Assessment or Injury Diagnostics In the Woodford area, so we have carefully selected our partners to give the most benefit. We are partnered with many local and national leading Private Health Insurance providers and Health Care Providers:

General Osteopathic Council Accredited
Approved IDD Therapy Clinic
Accredited Vista Health Partner
InHealth Clinic Partner

Approved Healthcare Partner

Registered With Major Insurers

Approved BUPA Healthcare Provider
Approved CIGNA Care Provider

Approved PPP Healthcare Provider
Approved Aviva Health Insurance Healthcare Provider

Approved Pru Healthcare Provider

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